Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Girl Scouts attend geoscience workshop at IHS

Recently GSSJC Girl Scouts had the opportunity to attend a geoscience workshop at IHS in Houston to learn about geophysics and geology. IHS is a leading provider of provider of insight and information to a host of industries, including the oil and gas industry. From hands-on activities to experimenting with the same software geologists use at work every day, girls who attended had a great time learning more about this branch of STEM.

We tagged along and snapped some photos of the girls activities, which you can check out below. Did your Girl Scouts attend? Be sure to send your photos to us for The Golden Link - email them to menzor@sjgs.org.

Girls learn about the different layers of the earth's crust.

What better way to understand wave theory than to demonstrate each
type with a Slinky? 

Girl Scouts also learned about wave theory by tracing a finger around
glasses of water and watching the waves grow.

Deciding where to drill your own well takes a lot of focus and concentration.

Girl Scouts got to test out Kingdom, a software IHS employees use to
analyze seismic data.

The girls used Kingdom to identify a salt dome and loved exploring all of
the program's facets.