Thursday, September 20, 2012

GSSJC Cadette receives Lifesaving Award

1. Lifesaving Medal of Honor recipient Rachel P. with her
mother Laura and GSSJC CEO Mary Vitek. 2. Mary pinning
Rachel with the away. 3. Lifesaving Medal of Honor - only 13
girls in the entire country have received this award this year.
Fourteen-year-old Rachel Lynn P. from Spring was awarded the Lifesaving Award from the Girl Scouts of the USA for her act of bravery and heroism in saving the life of her mother, Laura. Rachel earned the award by assisting her mother after a jet ski accident.

Laura was pulling Rachel, who was on a knee board, on a private lake in Louisiana. When Laura turned around to check on Rachel, she hit a bank that was five feet high and filled with bushes, trees and roots. Laura was thrown off the jet ski and landed face down in the water. Rachel quickly swam over to her mother and found her with her mouth full of blood and immobile due to injuries sustained as a result of the crash. Rachel knew that in order to get help she would have to drag her mother, who was still attached to the jet ski, back to shore. Rachel pulled her mother and the jet ski approximately 350 feet.

“I am so thankful that Rachel was such a quick responder and knew what to do in that time I was unable to move,” said Laura. “She did not panic at all and continued to talk to me as we moved across the lake [to the shore].”

Lifesaving Awards have been a part of Girl Scouts since Girl Scouting began in the United States in 1912. These awards recognize Girl Scouts from 5-17 years of age who have heroically saved or attempted to save a life. There are two Lifesaving Awards – the Lifesaving Bronze Cross is given for saving a life or attempting to save a life with risk to the candidate’s own life and the Lifesaving Medal of Honor is given for saving a life or attempting to save a life without risk to the candidate’s own life. Less than 20 Girl Scouts in the entire country have received this honor this year.