Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Where's Daisy?

Hi! It's me, Daisy! I've been beary busy since arriving in your Council, but I wanted to stop by the blog and share another photo!

Can you guess where in your Council I am?

Here's a couple hints:
  • I liked swinging on the porch here.
  • I learned a new song about barges as I watched them float by.
  • I took a stroll out on the brand new pier - it's a great spot for fishing.
Know where I am? Leave your beary best guess in the comments.

Still not sure? Click the "read more" link to see more photos!

I dropped by the Margaret Sheriff Sailing Center to say hi to the Seafarers.

Just a bear by the seaside.

Splashin' it up at the pool. Counselor Sweet Pea even let me get in a little floating time!

Daisy is a lifetime member of Girl Scouts and grew up in Savannah, Ga. She loves hiking in the woods at camp, eating Peanut Butter Patties and making new Girl Scout friends.