Monday, August 6, 2012

Guest post: The Promise Project - Geography Team spotlight

As a member of The Promise Project Marketing Team, Robin Brown will share team updates as their work progresses. For previous posts about The Promise Project, click here.

By Robin Brown
Membership Manager
Promise Project Marketing Team Lead

Former National Board Chair Patricia Diaz Dennis once said, “When girls see us as positive adults embracing change as a pathway to improvement, it models for them the very best leadership qualities.” Modeling those "very best leadership qualities" are the 25 volunteers and 16 staff members who make up The Promise Project Geography Team. They are hard at work gathering all the necessary data to make informed recommendations for new geographic boundaries.

All of The Promise Project work teams picked a song that they felt might represent their work, and the Geography Team's song was "On the Road Again" because this team knew that it would need lots of input from local volunteers, troop leaders, service unit administrators and community members. The Geography Team uses data including, but not limited to, population density, travel patterns, demographics, service unit history and economic make up of populations across the Council.

When making decisions, this team also looks at the available resources in the cities, towns and communities such as meeting sites, program activity sites, community centers, camps and Girl Scout service centers. They want to know where there is a pool of potential new volunteers, and they look for places that people come together - for example, a local college. At all times, this team’s recommendations will support the Council’s commitment to pluralism.

The 25 volunteers that are part of this team come from all areas of our Council. There are volunteers from greater Houston, Houston's suburbs and every corner of our outlying counties. That diversity of volunteers is critical to the work of this team. This team has many subcommittees that are led by volunteer team members.   Those volunteers will specialize in researching and gathering data in their assigned areas and, as often as possible, the assigned area will be the part of the Council where the volunteer currently resides. For example Lufkin, Galveston or Beaumont may have a subcommittee researching just that particular area.

The Geography Team will be gathering feedback from our Early Adopter service units and will use that information, along with other data, to conduct focus groups throughout the Council. This team is committed to meeting with area volunteers to gather information about their community and receive feedback on proposed geographic boundaries. The Geography Team has a lot of ground to cover, so watch for them to be “On the Road Again” in a community near you.

For more information about The Promise Project, visit the Council's Resource site or look for The Promise Project link on the right side of the GSSJC homepage.