Monday, July 23, 2012

Troop #21107 partners with Pup Squad to earn the Bronze Award

Troop #21107
Troop #21107 recently completed their Bronze Award by working with Pup Squad Animal Rescue, a Houston-based organization whose mission is to rescue orphaned puppies and nursing litters from the streets, shelters and other life-threatening situations, match them with permanent adoptive homes and to provide support and education to these adopters and the community at large.

The troop members worked at adoption clinics, gathered needed goods for the rescue group, like dog food, and got the word out by making a video about Pup Squad:


Troop leader Anissa C. says the girls discussed many ways to let people in their community know about the work Pup Squad is doing - fliers, announcements at school - but they landed on a video.

"Many of the girls love watching videos on YouTube and thought it would be a good way to spread the word," she said. "There was also no expense to the troop, and the girls could easily email the link to their friends and family members."

So the 19 members of Troop #21107 went to work identifying key messages and writing the script. After working shifts at adoption clinics for the rescues, the girls agreed they wanted to incorporate shots of the dogs and volunteers to show how adorable the homeless puppies are. During the next four months, the girls worked on getting all their footage.

"The girls are delighted with the finished product," said Anissa. "Some said the video was so effective that they teared up over the images of the puppies. Pup Squad was overjoyed with the video and also shared it on their Facebook page."

Congratulations on earning your Bronze Award, Girl Scouts!