Friday, July 6, 2012

Photoblog: Resident Camp

Over the last two weeks, I've visited our three resident camps with our video production manager to interview counselors, CITs and even a couple campers about their experiences at camp for some upcoming video projects. I've heard tons of great camp memories (and shared a few of my own), found out what makes being a camp counselor an awesome job (spoiler alert: it's having fun with our awesome Girl Scout campers) and even met a couple girls who discovered their career paths at camp. (From sailing at Camp Casa Mare to studying marine engineering - impressive!)

Between interviews, I had a chance to tag along for some camp activities and thought I'd share some of the photos I've snapped at resident camp - hope you enjoy them! If you have your own photos from camp, please feel free to share them on our Facebook page! - Miranda

Note: Click any of the photos below to enlarge them.

Camp Casa Mare has a brand new pier - perfect for fishing or
simply enjoying the surf & sun.

Campers working hard to get their boats ready
to go out on the water.

Ready, set, sail! Gorgeous morning on Galveston Bay.

The rain kept us inside at Camp Misty Meadows, but we were treated to
a preview of the dance class' spectacular routine.

Archery has been HUGE this year with all the girls who love Katniss in
The Hunger Games. Here one of our Camp Agnes Arnold counselors,
Naruto, helps a camper perfect her technique.

SPLASH! Campers are absolutely loving the new "megaslide"
this summer at Camp Arnold. I love this camper's
karate chop move as she flies into Shadow Lake.

Some of our Camp Arnold campers waiting for the campfire to start.

No week at camp would be complete without some ice cream.
Klondike crunch or ice cream sandwich? Can't go wrong with either!

Navajo sharing the history of Camp Arnold with campers. She was a
counselor herself in the 1960s and even wrote a book for the Council
on Camp Arnold's history.

Sunset at Camp Arnold - can you guess why
it's called Shadow Lake?