Friday, July 20, 2012

Photoblog: Girl Scouts plant herb garden at Council office

Our 15 Girl Scouts, ready to put their new gardening
knowledge to work!
Fifteen Girl Scouts spent their week at GSSJC's Program Place working on the Sow What? Journey. The girls watched food documentaries like "Food, Inc.," planned and cooked a healthy meal and designed posters demonstrating some of their new food smarts. The week ended by planting an herb garden behind Council headquarters in Houston - rosemary, thyme, mint, parsley...all there for Council staff, volunteers and girls to enjoy! We joined them as they worked on the garden and snapped a few photos to share.

Test your own Sow What? knowledge! Whether you've completed the Journey or just love gardening, can you identify these herbs that were planted in the garden today? (Answers are at the bottom of the entry.)

Let's plant!
The girls determine where to plant the wide
variety of herbs in their garden.
This group wasted no time getting to work.

While girls planted, others made labels for all the herbs with Popsicle sticks.
Hard at work planting some mint...might be a
nice garnish on a plate of Thin Mints!
Watering the basil once its planted.
This Girl Scout worked on clipping rosemary from an existing plant.
Sprigs of the herb were given to staff members to take home today.
And when it was time to take a break for lunch,
these festive cupcakes were enjoyed! Aren't
they cute? One of the girls baked them and
brought them to share.

Here's the answers to the herb quiz: