Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Guest post: Crusin' the high seas with Troop #7289

This summer we've asked Girl Scouts in the Council to send us guest posts on their exciting trips. This travel blog comes to us from Troop #7289 of Crosby, Texas. The girls celebrated 12 years of Girl Scouting together with a mother/daughter cruise to Cozumel. The troop spent three years planning and saving their cookie money for the trip. They earned and saved enough to each pay for their own trip plus half of their mother's travel expenses! Impressive! Read on for each troop member's favorite part of their adventure on the high seas.

Want to become a guest blogger? Girl Scouts 13 and older can email communications@sjgs.org for more information.

Troop #7289 enjoyed celebrating 12 years of Girl Scouting
together by taking a mother/daughter cruise to Cozumel.
Charlotte U. 
We went to Cozumel because we all agreed and thought it would be fun. The highlight of the trip for me was spending time with my mom and my troop. It was special because we all got to experience something that many don't get a chance to. I learned that I have a cast iron stomach - while everyone else was sick in their cabin, I went for seconds on ice cream! The trip was one last 'hoorah' before we all graduate and go our separate ways.

Danille S.
I decided to go on the trip because these girls have been like sisters to me. We all worked so hard together to make it possible, and our troop leader, Ms. Ronda, didn’t give up on us the whole time! There was so many highlights of my trip, but the one that was special was the captain's dinner because we were all together and with our moms who have been there through all these great years of Girl Scouts. I learned many things about myself on this trip, but the one that sticks out most is living life in the moment will give you the best results rather than worrying about every little small issue.

Hannah R. 
The highlight of the trip was spending time with my mom and my troop members. It was nice after being together as a troop for so long to have a celebration that brought us together to just relax and have a great time. I learned that even though each member of our troop is different, when we get together we all are one big group. Also I learned that even though I thought about quitting Girl Scouts many times because it was "embarrassing", I'm glad I stayed in - you can't find the fun and connection that our troop has anywhere else.

Jessica M.
I wanted to go on this trip because it was important to me that we all spend some quality time together before we start our senior year of high school. The highlight of the trip was the excursion we did while in Cozumel. It was just such a great time for all of us to hang out all together for possibly the last time in such a beautiful place. I learned that I don't like big boats that rock, and that these girls and moms are family to me and they always have been.

The Girl Scouts paid for their own trips and half of their mother's
using cookie money saved over the past three years.
Katelyn B.
The highlight of the trip for me was definitely when we were having fun dancing and singing. I learned that relaxing and not worrying what others think helps you loosen up and have fun.

Kayla L.
I'd never been on a cruise or to Cozumel before this trip. I got to take this trip with my mom, my aunt and all the girls I've grown up with. The highlight of the trip for me was probably the Cowboy Comedian. For the most part everyone was there, and we all got to share a laugh together. One thing that I learned about myself on this trip is that I really appreciate everything that Ms. Ronda has done for me ever since we were little kids. Thank you Ms. Ronda! 

Lindsay C.
This trip was special to me because our troop has been together for many years. I can have a lot fun with people I just met.  The beach on Passion Island was amazing. It was an adventure none of us will ever forget.

Morgan J.
The highlight of my trip was watching my mom and troop leader chase a man holding a chair around the beach because they both wanted to win musical chairs! It was nice to have a hard laugh and see the adults enjoying themselves just as much as we were. I learned just how close I am to graduating and leaving everyone I have grown up with, including my mom. That's why I made sure to have the best time on the cruise!