Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Welcome Stacy Methvin!

On Friday, June 1, GSSJC welcomed Stacy Methvin as the Council's new President and Chair of the Board. Get to know Stacy and why she's so excited to work with our Council in a sneak peek of her "From the Top" letter to appear in the July/August issue of "The Golden Link."

Ellen DeSanctis and Stacy Methvin at the
Council's Annual Meeting in April 2012.
From the Top
By Stacy Methvin
Chair of the Board and President of the Council

The Annual Meeting and Adult Recognition event took place on a spectacular day at Camp Agnes Arnold. After hearing the incredible stories about women who had given so much to Girl Scouting, some over 50 years of dedicated service, I was left with two thoughts. The first was how did I get so lucky to be among these phenomenal people and secondly, I need to rise to this occasion as the incoming President and Chair of the Board just to keep up with this talented bunch.

So... What drives me to want to take on this role? How did I become associated with the Girl Scouts? After all I work at Shell, a male dominated company, I raised a son and only participated briefly as a Girl Scout. It was in the fifth grade and I do have wonderful memories, a very cool uniform to wear (without the shoes like Katie Couric’s), and I wanted to fill my sash with badges. But I changed schools that year, and my time with the Girl Scouts was cut short.

In spite of this background, I have always enjoyed developing the younger staff at work, particularly women. However, I quickly realized that by the time they get to Shell, they have already been turned on by science, math and technology. I wondered how could we capture the hearts and minds of even younger girls to fill our pipeline of talent, get them interested in the sciences and develop their poise and confidence to be successful?

Then I met Mary Vitek in a leadership course, and I was intrigued not only by the direction that Girl Scouts was headed, but I loved her passion for this movement. When she asked me to join the Board, I jumped at the opportunity. Recently I saw a video that summed up for me why I wanted to be a part of this organization. It is a film of the Big Ten Indoor Championship girls 600m race where Heather Dorniden trips in the third lap and recovers to win the race. It is a powerful story not just about a race or even a fall. It really is about life. I truly believe that Girl Scouts offers programs to develop girls to be like Heather Dorniden. With the amazing staff and volunteers throughout this Council we teach girls the skills that they need to run their race and be competitive in life.

But we all know that life is not easy, and the girls will get tripped up or make mistakes along the way. What is important is how they respond to adversity. Would you get up and fight-on even if you are a quarter of a lap behind the other girls? As their coaches, we instil in them the courage, the confidence and the character to get back up and continue that race, no matter what, you can’t win the game if you don’t play the game. Girl Scouts are not quitters!

I look forward to working with all of you, and our awesome Board, to continue our mission and lead our Council into the second century of Girl Scouting. We have a very challenging agenda ahead of us, and it will take all of us to make it successful, to pick each other up when we fall down. Together we will develop more girls, like Heather, who will make this world a better place. Thank you for all you do for the Girl Scouts. I look forward to a very bright future for our Council.