Thursday, May 31, 2012

SPURS unearth time capsule at Camp Misty Meadows

Forty-five SPURS members had a great time earlier this month at the SPURS 100 Hour Weekend at Camp Misty Meadows. The girls had the chance to ride English and bareback, take a trail obstacle course, swim, play on a giant water slide, make T-shirts and name tags, hang out with friends, watch a driving demonstration and participate in a wonderful ceremony Saturday evening.

1990: Open Girl Scout Centennial Year 2012
The main attraction, however, was digging up the time capsule buried in 1990 when Camp Misty Meadows first opened. Girls who put items in the time capsule asked that it be opened during 2012 as part of the 100th anniversary celebrations.

Opening the time capsule took place after lunch on Saturday. Girls were excited to begin the dig for some buried treasures.

The dig proved tougher than anticipated, however, and back-up was called in - thank goodness for our trusty GSSJC rangers! Always there to lend a helping hand...or two.

One ranger and several power tools later, the girls prepared to pop the lid of the time capsule and were amazed at the contents.

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Inside were patches and a map from Peach Creek, badges, Try-Its, IPs and a photo of the much beloved horse Chrystal. The girls enjoyed looking back at how things were different, and yet very much the same, in 1990.

Thank you to Maria Tyrrell for sharing her photos with us!