Tuesday, May 22, 2012

GSSJC Honors 2011-2012 Gold Award Recipients

On Sunday, GSSJC recognized 81 Girl Scouts that earned the Gold Award from April 2011 - April 2012. During this time, more than 250 Girl Scouts in San Jacinto Council received the Gold Award, the highest national honor a Girl Scout can receive. Less than five percent of all girls who join Girl Scouting earn this award.

Earning the Gold Award is a significant honor that requires recipients to demonstrate outstanding leadership skills, career planning, community involvement and personal development. It takes more than 100 service hours and two to three years of intensive work to complete the aware requirements, which include planning and completing a project that is a service to the community.

Congratulations to the following girls who were honored Sunday at GSSJC's Gold Award Ceremony:

Neerja A.
Alexis J.
Ferrlyn A.
Desiree J.
Porscha A.
Kristin J.
Jenni B.
Krislyn K.
Gabrielle B.
Marianne K.
Emma B.
Jessica L.
Danielle B.*
Jessica L.
Erica B.
Marissa M.
Marissa B.
Alyssa M.
Jennifer B.*
Adrienne M.*
Chelsie B.
Jessica M.
Lizzy B.
Kimberly M.
Jennifer B.
Cypria M.
Angela B.
Symira M.
Taffeta B.
Kelli M.
Elizabeth C.
Megan O.
Shanel C.
Claire P.
Laura C.
Courtney P.
Lauren C.
Sylvia P.
Katie C.
Alexa P.*
Julia D.
Lily P.
Saraphin D.*
Natalie R.*
Gabriela D.
Amelia R.
Alexandra D.
Micaela R.
Ashley D.
Charlotte R.
Jessica D.
Liddy S.
Alyssa D.
Jasmin S.*
Alex D.
Claudia S.
Sally D.
Kathleen S.*
Haile D.
Shannon S.
Demme D.
Kaylan S.
Michelle E.
Erica S.
Nicole F.
Bryanna S.
Maureen F.*
Stephany T.
Elizabeth G.
Acara T.
Jalyn G.
Claire T.
Cathrin G.
Katelyn V.
Emily G.
Keisha V.
Jessica H.
Kimberly W.
Caitlin H.
Diana Y.*
Emily H.

*Indicates 2012 Recipient of the Emerald Circle Scholarship