Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Sign Up for 2017 Cookie Booths

Cookie customers are hungry for more! Signing up for a cookie booth is a great way for girls to reach cookie customers, boost sales and get them closer to their goals.You can sign up for the 2017 Cookie Booth draw now by accessing the Cookie Booth site.  You must be a troop cookie manager or troop leader and be logged in to your MyGS account.

Remember these past participants? Get inspired by your sister Girl Scouts!
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Friday, January 6, 2017

Are you ready for the big game?

The 2017 Cookie Program is finally here! Beginning January 7, don't forget to participate in the world's largest financial literacy program for girls. If you love Girl Scouting--we know you love the cookies--then join the thousands of others who will take charge in making this the biggest sale yet!


This season marks 100 years of Girl Scouts selling cookies and will introduce the new Girl Scout S'mores cookie. Is your Girl Scout prepared to reach her cookie goal? 

To get started selling Girl Scout Cookies digitally via COCO, please review our Family Guide for steps on how to register your Girl Scout in the COCO system. Learn more about the Girl Scout cookie sale by going to, and for more on how you can be successful in the Girl Scouts of San Jacinto Council sale, visit Happy Scouting!

Thursday, January 5, 2017

Parents and Cookie Program Success

How do parents get their Girl Scouts involved in the 2017 Cookie Program? We're glad you asked!

Managing the Cookie Program on top of soccer games, dance recitals and important school work can be a challenge. But participating in the Girl Scout Cookie Program provides girls with a leadership experience that helps them build skills they will use today and tomorrow. The Cookie Program began as a way for Girl Scouts to fund their activities 100 years ago. The purpose hasn’t changed today. As the largest girl-led business in the country, the Girl Scout Cookie Program is a unique opportunity for girls to become leaders in their own lives and in the world around them.

When she has her family’s support, there’s nothing a Girl Scout can’t do! The Girl Scout Cookie Program is a great opportunity for families to discuss being responsible with money. It is not just the largest girl-led business in the country; it’s also the largest financial literacy program for girls. Financial literacy – knowing how to make, manage, spend and invest money – is a critical skill that impacts the quality of your Girl Scout’s future. The Girl Scout Cookie Program activities are designed to help your Girl Scout move toward a financially independent future.

Use this checklist to help your Girl Scout stay on track and meet deadlines and to help your Girl Scout reach her goals. 

Get started 
• Make sure your Girl Scout is registered for the 2016 – 2017 membership year.
• Complete the parent permission and responsibility form.
• Attend your troop’s cookie meeting. It’s important to understand what your and your Girl Scout’s responsibilities will be during the Cookie Program. This is also a great time to volunteer to help with cookie booths or delivery.

Help with goal setting 
Register your Girl Scout for COCO (Cookie Command) to help her track and reach her goals. COCO can be found at

Go over safety guidelines
 A list of safety guidelines can be found on pg. 10

Practice makes perfect! 
Use the “Nine Steps to Cookie Selling Success” guide on pg.12 to help your Girl Scout get the most out of her cookie experience.

Celebrate her success 
Check on her progress throughout the program. Celebrate with her when she reaches milestones in her goal. Let your friends and family know how proud you are of your Girl Scout and her participation in the Cookie Program.

You're all set! We're so proud to have some of the best parents, and the best support, Girl Scouts could ask for. For more information on the 2017 Girl Scout Cookie Program or where to find cookies, visit and click the "Cookie" tab.

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Troop Program Ideas: Girl Scout's Own Ceremonies

What better way to start the new year than by beginning with a ceremony!

Need a few quick activities for your next troop meeting? The Girl Scouts of San Jacinto Council's Troop Program Ideas, published in the months between the Golden Link, gives Daisy, Brownie and Junior troop leaders fun ideas for games, songs, crafts, snacks and ceremonies to use throughout the year.

How to perform a Girl Scout’s Own Ceremonies 

SCOUTS’ OWN is a quiet type of ceremony with a theme. It is called a SCOUTS’ OWN because girls and their leader plan it themselves. It is not a religious service or ceremony and does not take the place of going to church, temple or synagogue. It is an occasion in which girls express their deepest feelings about subjects, which are meaningful to them. Like making New Year Resolutions, for example.

What is a Girl Scout’s Own ceremony, and when to perform it: A SCOUTS’ OWN can be held at any time, indoors or out, at a troop meeting, inter-troop gathering, or in camp. It is difficult for Girl Scout Brownies to plan a SCOUTS’ OWN. However, in being present at one, Brownies may begin to sense the deeper values of Scouting as they hear girls express their feelings, convictions, aspirations or ideals.

How to: First choose a THEME. Examples: friendship, sisterhood, the beauty of nature, the life of the Juliette Low, the first day of Spring, flags, senior citizens, the spirit of a special day like Thanksgiving, citizenship, service, the world of tomorrow. If you are going to hold the SCOUTS’ OWN outdoors, choose a special place, one with a view, or under a special tree. If indoors, you might choose a symbol, such as, a flag or a special picture or scene. Choose just one major theme, then make a list of different ways you can tell or show your theme.

Examples: songs, poems, a choral rendition, a story, a legend, a show play, music played on an instrument, pantomime ... or thoughts about what the theme means to her, spoken by each Girl Scout. From your list choose one idea to open the SCOUTS’ OWN. Select one or two or half a dozen other ideas you want to include. Decide how to end your ceremony. Decide who will perform or lead each part and who will lead the girls to the place for the ceremony and back again. It is a Girl Scout custom to walk quietly to the place where this ceremony is held and leave quietly after it is over.

The plans for every SCOUTS’ OWN should provide for definite, thoughtful leadership — leadership which will quietly maintain the essential qualities of reverence and aspiration. Keep the ceremony short - 10 to 15 minutes - but in the atmosphere of quiet expression and free exchange of earnest feeling, allow the girls their full share, both in the planning and in carrying out the ceremony

For more Troop Program Ideas, visit www. and visit the Publication page clicking the Our Council Tab. 

Sunday, January 1, 2017

7 Days Till the 2017 Girl Scout Cookie Program!

The 2017 Cookie Program marks 100 years of Girl Scouts selling cookies! We're excited for you to be a part of history when you participate in this year's program. We can't believe how quickly it came--and brought with it Girl Scout S'mores! And that's just one reason to participate in this historic sale! Here is why you should absolutely participate in the 2017 Cookie Program
How does a successful Cookie Program impact you? 
Lots of ways! Girls earn funds that help them do amazing things. They might choose to use their funds for a service project and feed hungry kids in their neighborhood. Maybe they’ll go to a STEM workshop, become inspired and grow up to be the scientist that discovers the cure to cancer. Or those cookie funds could send a girl to camp where she breaks out of her shell, gains confidence and wows everyone with her leadership. 
 The possibilities are endless, really. In addition to the many benefits to girls – which you’ll read about shortly – the Cookie Program also helps the Council do things like feed horses at Camp Misty Meadows, add additional canoes at Camp Agnes Arnold and maintain all 10 of our camp properties so girls have a place to experience the outdoors. For our volunteers, cookie proceeds help keep the cost of trainings very low, meaning you’re not having to pay for supplies or training guides provided – cookie funds cover a lot of that! 
When your daughter participates in the Girl Scout Cookie Program, she isn’t just selling grandma a couple boxes of Thin Mints. She has the opportunity to change the world, to make Girl Scouting better for future Girl Scouts and, most importantly, transform herself, step by step, into a young woman of courage, confidence and character. Keep reading, and we’ll show you how. 
Be Unique. Be You. 
Every Girl Scout has her own strengths that set her apart from the rest. She’s creative, energetic, social, hardworking and so much more–and it’s time to celebrate exactly what makes her stand out! The Girl Scout Cookie Program allows each girl to show her originality. She can use her unique skills to design contest-winning cookie booth displays or to create her own distinctive selling techniques. 
The program also teaches girls to take control of situations and serve as a leader for change. They’re developing the 5 Skills: goal setting, decision making, money management, people skills and business ethics. These are skills that girls will carry with them for a lifetime of success. 
Many of today’s premier female leaders got their start by selling Girl Scout Cookies. In fact, 64 percent of women in leadership positions in civic organizations were once Girl Scouts. Astronaut Lt. Col. Eileen Collins, Journalist and Author Lisa Ling, Houston Police Chief Elizabeth Watson, Tennis Champions Venus and Serena Williams and Fashion Designer Vera Wang are just a few of the amazing women who once took part in the Girl Scout Cookie Program. 
When your daughter participates, she’s learning valuable skills that will last a lifetime and who knows? Maybe one day she’ll be the business owner, prominent journalist or CEO that young girls look up to! 
Join the Cookie Program today! 
It’s never too late to join the Girl Scout Cookie Program. Maybe you’re excited about your Girl Scout learning the 5 Skills, or maybe your girls have a fantastic idea for a creative cookie booth that will help the troop increase their booth sales. Getting involved has neverbeen easier.