Thursday, October 27, 2016

In the News: 18 Girl Scouts Earn Gold Award

We are so proud of our Girl Scouts!
Eighteen Girl Scouts in San Jacinto Council recently earned Girl Scouts of the USA’s Gold Award, the highest award a Girl Scout can receive. Less than five percent of girls who join Girl Scouts achieve this national recognition.
The Girl Scout Gold Award represents the highest achievement in Girl Scouting; it recognizes girls in grades 9 through 12 who demonstrate extraordinary leadership through sustainable and measurable Take Action projects. Since 1916, girls have successfully answered the call to Go Gold, an act that indelibly marks them as accomplished members of their communities and the world.
Megan A. built a large, durable prep table, complete with storage and sink for Interfaith of The Woodlands’ Veggie Village. The prep table, which has more than 20 square feet of tabletop, a sink for cleaning and a storage underneath for items used for harvesting, provided a convenient and central location for volunteers to wash and package the more than 4,000 pounds of produce Veggie Village receives annually. The culmination Megan’s project was creating a website where she could share her project. She also gave presentations to local Girl Scouts. Her project impacted more than 7,000 families served by Interfaith of the Woodlands.
Rachel B. rallied more than 25 volunteers to raise awareness about habitat loss in hopes of changing long-term actions within her community. She hosted a workshop for students in grades 2-5 where they learned about the causes and consequences of habitat loss. Each student also build their own nesting box from kits Rachel and her volunteers assembled. Once the workshop was complete, Rachel hosted a series of successful supply drives for the Texas Wildlife Rehabilitation Center to help with its mission of rehabilitating injured and orphaned wildlife with the goal of returning these animals to the wild. Finally, Rachel created brochures explaining habitat loss and encouraged members of her community to get involved.
Caroline D. led her church community to donate books, including classics, encyclopedias and other didactic materials, to Our Lady of the Holy Cross School, a school in Ghana. Caroline and her volunteers also created personalized bookmarks for the children to use during vacation bible school. She also obtained sponsorships to purchase new library furniture for the school. Caroline then traveled to Ghana with members of her church and worked with 10 teachers to set up the library by building bookshelves, organizing books and more.
Molly E. launched “Learning with LEGOS®”, a math workshop to teach second graders fractions. She came up with the idea after trying to think of a creative way to teach her 8-year-old brother math. Molly shadowed St. Thomas Episcopal second grade teacher Lali Lane for four months, and then, with Lali’s guidance, created an effective lesson plan. Molly also put together 25 kits with 12 different LEGO® pieces, designed and formatted an instruction pamphlet.

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Troop Program Ideas: Girl Scout Sing-a-long

Need a few quick activities for your next troop meeting? The Girl Scouts of San Jacinto Council's Troop Program Ideas, published in the months between the Golden Link, gives Daisy, Brownie and Junior troop leaders fun ideas for games, songs, crafts, snacks and ceremonies to use throughout the year!

Here is one of our favorite songs! If you like it too, stay tuned for the next publication of Troop Program Ideas, here, and on our Council Publications webpage.

The Ash Grove

The ash grove how graceful, how plainly 'tis speaking. The wind through it playing has language for me. Whenever the light through its branches is breaking, A host of kind faces is gazing at me.

The friends from my childhood again are before me Each step brings a memory as freely I roam. With soft whispers laden the leaves rustle o'er me The ash grove, the ash grove alone is my home.

Down yonder green meadow where streamlets meander. When twilight is fading I pensively roam. Or in the bright noon tide in solitude wander, Amid the dark spaces of that lonely ash grove.

‘Twas there while the black bird was cheerfully singing. I first met my dear one the joy of my heart. Around us for gladness the blue bells were springing. The ash grove, the ash grove that sheltered my home.

My lips smile no more, my heart loses its lightness; No dream of the future my spirit can cheer. I only can brood on the past and its brightness. The dear ones I long for again gather here. From ev'ry dark nook they press forward to meet me; I lift up my eyes to the broad leafy dome, And others are there, looking downward to greet me. The ash grove, the ash grove, again is my home.

Google to find the tune to this song, or any Girl Scout song

Thursday, October 20, 2016

Share Your Girl Scout Gratitude!

Print, cut-out and share with your customers!

As we continue through the Fall Product Program, one thing we should never forget to do is say Thank You! Each time girls put on the Girl Scout uniform, they're showing their community that they're someone who is friendly and helpful, considerate and caring, and respectful in what they say and do.

So why not go the extra measure to show how much girls appreciate their friends and family for helping their troop and Council raise money?

Sale ends November 30, so remember that being involved in the Fall Product Program is not just a great way to earn money for troops, but it also ensures girls are learning to become leaders. Discover. Connect. Take Action. 

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Troop Program Idea: Daisy Investiture Ceremony

Need a few quick activities for your next troop meeting? The Girl Scouts of San Jacinto Council's Troop Program Ideas, published in the months between the Golden Link, gives Daisy, Brownie and Junior troop leaders fun ideas for games, songs, crafts, snacks and ceremonies to use throughout the year!

Ceremonies help Girl Scouts mark special events throughout the year, such as bridging to another level, earning a National Leadership Journey award, or getting a Girl Scout pin.

How do you perform a Daisy Investiture Ceremony? 

What you'll need: For a Daisy Investiture Ceremony, you'll need a poster of daisy flower stem,  individual daisy petals with girls’ names on them and Girl Scout Daisy pins.

Place a poster on a wall or easel at a level the girls can reach. Put tape on the back of each petal.

Girls will arrange themselves around the poster facing the audience (parents & guests). Distribute the daisy petals to the girls. 

Leader: “You are about to become Daisy Girl Scouts. Together we will explore all the fun and adventure of Girl Scouting. Daisy Girl Scouts are named after the founder of Girl Scouting, Juliette Gordon Low. Her nickname was ‘Daisy’.” 

Assistant Leader: “As your name is called, come forward and place your petal on our Daisy poster.” [calls girls forward] 

Leader: “We have learned the Girl Scout promise and it’s meaning. Let us make the promise together now. ‘On my honor…’. You are now ready to receive your pin as a Daisy Girl Scout.” Pass out pins and give handshake. Leader: “Wear your pin proudly and always over your heart. Let us sing our Daisy Girl Scout Song. ‘I’m a Daisy Girl Scout…’. Now go join your parents.”

For more Troop Program Ideas and information about your local Girl Scouts, visit

Monday, October 17, 2016

Girl Scout Destinations: Canoeing in Canada

In July, Laurel Sullivan, an eighth grade student at Seabrook Middle School, visited the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness in Minnesota and Quetico Provincial Park in Canada during a Girl Scouts Destinations trip.  Destinations are travel adventures for Girl Scouts ages 11 and older that take them to places all over the world and give girls the chance to meet other Girl Scouts from different states, develop leadership skills, gain confidence and enjoy valuable learning opportunities.

Sullivan said she applied for the trips because she wanted to do something that was out of her comfort zone.

During her Destinations expedition -- North country Rock N’ Wilderness -- Sullivan traveled to the north shore of Lake Superior where she and up to 20 Girl Scouts from across the country enjoyed rock climbing and kayaking. After, she headed to Girl Scout’s Northern Lakes Canoe Base on Moose Lake to train, pack and plan a paddle trip north to Canada. When she arrived in Canada, she spent 7-10 days paddling and portaging through the wilderness.

“My favorite part of the destination was probably being the only girl from Texas to go, so I was kind of forced to talk to everyone and make friends,” said Sullivan.

How You Can Travel Too

To go on a Destinations trip, girls must submit an application, two personal references and an essay explaining why they want to participate in the event and what skills or talents they can contribute to the group. Girl Scouts can apply for up to four trips per year. A limited number of girls are chosen for each Destination and no more than two girls from one Girl Scout council are chosen to encourage attendees to make new friends. After being chosen for a Destination, Girl Scouts are responsible for raising the funds to go on the trip through selling cookies, money earned at a job or personal savings.

To learn more about Girl Scouts’ travel programs, visit: Or, if you are a Girl Scout in GSSJC, visit our Activity page at for information about our next Destinations Orientation.